Good Investments
that are Right for You

Asset Allocation and Its Ever Changing "Mix"
Are Powerful Keys to Making Your Money Grow.

Once we know your feelings and time horizons, we will then show you the Generic investment classes that you should be making for any of your investment goals.

A different portfolio would be indicated if the goal is short term versus long term. A different portfolio still will be dictated if you ultimately need money in a lump sum to buy a car or put a new roof on your home, spread out over a few years to pay for college, or last a lifetime for retirement.

Think about each of your goals and complete the following short questionnaire to the best of your ability. The answers will be tabulated to arrive at the appropriate type of portfolio ranging from a conservative income portfolio, to an income, to a conservative growth, to growth, to an aggressive growth.

Investment Objective*
Your investment objective summarizes the primary purpose of your account. It serves to define how assets should be managed. While asking yourself "What do I want most to accomplish?", select the objective that best fits the purpose of your account.
Risk Level*
Please check the box that indicates your response to the following statement: I am comfortable with investments that may go down in value from time to time, if they offer the potential for higher returns.
Age as a Variable*
Age is a very important determinant of portfolio selection. Please check your age in the box below:
Investment Horizon*
Your investment time horizon is an important variable to consider when constructing your account. How long will it be before you begin making withdrawals?
Depletion Timeline*
Once you begin taking withdrawals from your portfolio, how long will the money in the account have to last before it is depleted?
Income Requirements*
An assessment of your income requirements is essential in determining the appropriate asset allocation structure for your account. Please check the box that best approximates the amount of CURRENT income your account needs to generate annually as a percent of your total income from all sources.
Cash and Investments on Hand*
How long could you cover monthly living expenses with cash and investments you currently have on hand?
Future Income*
What is your outlook for your future income from sources other than investments over the next ten years?