When Heirs Need Guidance

Mother and Daughter in the Park

If you want to pass part of your estate to an heir with a known personal or financial challenge, there are solutions that let you control how your assets will be used.

Umbrella Insurance

Lot of Colorful Umbrellas (Umbrella Insurance)

Liability insurance protects your family if you are responsible for property damage or injuries to other people. Umbrella insurance can help if the costs exceed the coverage of your auto or homeowners’ policy.

How To Manage Credit Card Debt

A topic that some are embarrassed to discuss, but it’s more widespread than many may believe. Here are some tips on managing credit card debt:

Book Review: Diamond of Life

The Diamond of Life book by Mick Owens

The first of a four-part book review that will look at the main chapters in Mick Owens’ Diamond of Life. “Home Plate: Determining Your Power and Purpose” will “lead off.”